Watercolour paintings

ACEO & ACT watercolour paintings

The ACEOs on this page are available as Giclee prints. Size 3.5" x 2.5". Price £10 each with FREE postage. Email me with your requirements via the contact page. International orders paypal only.  UK orders cheque or paypal.

hello westie

Hello Westie

fairy westie

Fairy Westie

hide and seek westie

Hide and Seek Westie
westies and geraniums

Westie and Geraniums
wizard westie

Wizard Westie

kitten sleeping on cushion

Kitten Sleeping on Cushion

kitten sleeping

Kitten Sleeping

old english sheepdog puppy

Old English Sheepdog puppy

hummingbird and flowers

Hummingbird and Flowers

fairy and bluetit

Fairy and Bluetit
lasa apso

Laso Apso
Honey bee

Honey Bee

santa cat

Santa Cat

Lonely Westie

Lonely Westie

Santa's little helper

Santa's Little Helper

Westie in PJs

Westie in PJs

Westie tug of war

Westie Tug of War
Victorian westie

Victorian Westie
westie and pansies

Westie and Pansies

Henry 8th Westie

Henry 8th Westie
westie and kitten

Westie and Kitten